If you have a specific requirement our team can create the solution - making us one of the most UNIQUE providers of specialised photography in the UK.

Motion Control


One way we have combined our creativity with technical ability is motion control photography.  This is a technique that enables precise control and repetition of movement.  Computer controlled movement of camera, subject, lighting or all three can be achieved accurately with our equipment.


We can show your products in a different light, from many viewpoints with detail and clarity.  Highlight distinct and important features or add motion and visual interest.  We can also move your product in complete synchronisation with the camera and lighting movement.


Photoglide prides itself on having developed purpose built equipment to capture images in ways other photographers simply can’t.  It’s that simple.


Don’t play it safe, and go to normal photographers, invest in the remarkable, come to Photoglide.


Motion-Control can be used for both Photography and Video.

We have a strong engineering background matched with clear thinking and smart technology making us the best in our field.


We’re no “slaves to the ordinary”. We combine our passion for photography with engineering expertise,  creating unique equipment that can capture truly remarkable images and video.


That’s what sets us apart!


In a world bombarded by images we stand out by capturing moments in time with an impact unmatched by our competitors.


We understand the technology to give you precise detail and capture the exact moment.  Combined with our clear thinking we are confident we can provide you with images that clearly communicate your message.


“Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the commonplace, the slaves of the ordinary.”
Cecil Beaton


Robust Software


We write our own PC and embedded control software. The PC software is the interface that allows our photographers to operate the specialised equipment we’ve devised ourselves and the embedded software runs our electronic control systems.  Not only that, we do our own algorithm development too.

Sophisticated Electronics


We’ve developed our own control boards (small computers) from circuit design to PCB layout and even fit the components in-house.

Reliable Mechanics


We have in-house machining facilities which we use to manufacture and assemble mechanical components for our bespoke and prototyping work.


We often out-source mechanical component manufacture to local machine shops that use their talents to provide us with custom parts.

Clever Controls
When we put our constituent parts together we use some “glue,” that is the controls.  Software, electronics and mechanical are all combined to produce a system where a camera is finally added to capture your photos and videos.
 Integrated Systems


Our systems can be easily integrated together providing more capability and flexibility.

We make sure that our equipment is continually tested and improved and  fully documented.  Our equipment is built upon solid principles and is designed to be safe, reliable, robust and easy to use.
Solid Principles and Quality Management

We know and believe how important quality control is and this forms a significant part of our business model so we can guarantee continuing quality management for our engineering and project processes.


If you have a project in mind – do give us a call.  Our commitment to our clients is paramount; why not let us show you what we can do for you?


Glideology is our sophisticated in-house engineering capability.  Creating the technology that makes us unique and gives us the edge.


The strength of our capabilities allows us to design and develop custom equipment for our operations and for your bespoke projects too.


If you have a visual or motion-control requirement we can utilise our engineering skills to provide a solution regardless of the challenge and provide you with a high-end service that delivers stunning results.

Jodrell Bank Lovell Telescope at Night

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