What is Elevated Photography?

This is a system where images are taken from a high viewpoint by using a camera mounted on top of a ground-based mast.  By capturing a photo from a higher level relative to the subject, means less distortion and clearer images.  Elevated photography is often used when a permanent  obstruction is obscuring the view of a subject of interest.


Photoglide has a 2 to 5 metre system, which is ideal for indoor or outdoor use.  We also have a portable 3 to 15 metre system available which can be used outdoors, and indoors in most circumstances.

Easy. We take care of everything with efficient turnaround times and ready-to-go photographs.

The advantages of our Mast Systems

Flexible. Our completely free standing mast system is robust, reliable, and very portable so can be used where vehicle access is impossible.

We use a live view that displays what the camera is seeing and remote control of camera position, good composition and in focus images or video can be quickly recorded.   Our system supports a digital SLR camera with prime lenses so high resolution images of excellent quality can be captured.

Superior.  Results without the safety concerns and restrictions associated with the use of drones.

Our system is small enough to be used safely indoors with the added option of secondary masts providing continuous or flash lighting.


No cherry pickers or tower systems required making it ideal for interior photographic work.

Eye Level

What can Elevated Photography be used for?

Elevated photography can be used by residential and commercial estate agents to create a fantastic first impression.  The area surrounding a property can be shown in context.


Building and land surveys can be conducted from the ground without  the need for scaffolding, cherry pickers or ladders.


Builders, Solar Panel installers and Roofing Contractors can promote their business from the right level.


The masts can quickly be relocated and redeployed around sites making it perfect for large properties and archaeological digs.


Our elevated photography is also ideal for capturing images of immovable objects in places of interest, historical importance, churches and stately homes.  The images can then be used for asset insurance, documentary, research and promotional purposes.



Five Metre Elevated View

For property marketing we can provide elevated photography and interior photography at the same time.

Safety First


Please note that in the interests of safety our elevated systems can't be used in close proximity to electrical power lines.  We follow Health and Safety Executive guidelines and a site safety check will always be conducted before the mast is erected to ensure there are no such dangers to you or the photographer.


If you think this may apply to you, please contact us to discuss in more detail as in most cases a safe alternative location can be found.

Our elevated system is an effective solution for steep inclines.

Elevated Photography is an ideal solution for anyone who wants to see from a completely new level.


Our customers have been pleasantly surprised by the price of our elevated photography.  We want you to be surprised too so get in touch with us today and ask for a no obligation quotation.

Use elevated photography to generate customer interest by presenting a completely new viewpoint.

Can be used to create 360 degree high resolution panoramas.

Images are correctly edited before delivery to you; we don't devalue them by simply printing them off in the back of a van.

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