Capturing Your Products in an Extraordinary Way


With our 360 photography we can highlight important features and provide an ‘all-round’ view of your products as stills and sequences for use on your website and promotional material, so you’re customers get a unique perspective of what’s on offer.


Our system for 360 photography means that you get repeatable pin-point accuracy, because our fully automated system can capture an image from any position to the nearest 0.025 of a degree, far in excess of our competitors.


What’s more, we’ve designed the equipment ourselves, manufactured it, created the control system and written the software, giving us complete control.


Our 360-123 technology is typically used for retail, commercial and e-learning applications and can be deployed on the internet, mobile applications and within organisation intranets.

360-123 is our website dedicated to providing you with an effective and innovative way to impress customers and increase sales at the same time!


360-123 offers customers an "all-round" view of your products allowing them to see items from every angle.   Your customers get to see exactly what they are buying in greater detail than ever before.  360-123 also allows customers to zoom in on an object, providing a detailed look at a product in high resolution.


Visitor interaction with your website can help improve conversion rates, reduce returns and increase customer satisfaction.  360-123 is also ideal for mobile devices including smart photos and tablets.


Please visit our 360-123 website for more information.


“……… photography everything is so ordinary; it takes a lot of looking before you learn to see the extraordinary.”

David Bailey

Informative Videos


Another application of our 360 system is the creation of videos and working to your brief we can create the right video that communicates the correct message about your product to your potential customers.


Key product features can be highlighted, explanatory text overlaid, and professional narration and music added if needed.  If your product produces sound, this can also be included.

Specialist Applications


Our system has been designed for accuracy, repeatability and consistency.  This makes it ideal for specialist research, insurance, evidence and documentary applications.  We continue to maintain our in-house design capability, enabling us to adapt our systems to your unique requirements where required.


When we’ve photographed the item, we can provide interactive views, points-of-interest, individual images and video sequences.  We are also able to control lighting in order to reveal certain details and even photograph the item in infrared.


If you think you may have a special requirement please contact us and we will be happy to discuss providing the right solution for you.

We Care


Your product is in safe hands with us.  We take great care in how we handle and look after them whilst they are in our possession.

We have colour stable, low temperature lighting which is especially important for heat sensitive products.

Our design prevents unwanted reflections, ensures consistent exposure and delivers colour accuracy.

We can arrange to collect and return your product by courier, making our unique specialist photography available to you where-ever you are.


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